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Creativity. It matters. It is the one word that will keep coming up, time and time again.

The one reason that our clients return to us, over the years, is because we have been able to deliver an advertising strategy or campaign for them that works and it all started with an idea.

That bright spark moment is the thing that motivates us to get up in the morning and keeps on driving us on, even when the going gets tough. Because it is all about the energy and excitement of an idea that makes it through to fruition.

Creating memorable and effective media content is a lot harder than it looks and of course has a lot more than just one bright idea to keep it going.

So we have a whole team of bright sparks, to help promote your big idea or business, right from the initial concept up to the finished product.

But who are we? Solutec is a young company that was formed in 2010 by three young graduates, fresh out of Bristol University.

Although it is true that we thought we knew it all and we most certainly did not, it didn’t stop us trying and before long we had successfully gained our first client.

Despite being in the business of creating paid for advertising, the best advertising we could create for ourselves was through word of mouth. Little by little, our customers began to spread the word about our services and within the space of a year we had doubled our client list and never looked back.

Today, we can provide services in all aspects of advertising and marketing, across the board and in all forms of media.

Want to launch a successful social media campaign, with barely a whisper of paid advertising – we can do that for you. Need advice on how to handle PR and media relations in your business – we can also take care of that.

Need to create a YouTube video that will go viral? Come to us and see what we can dream up. Or simply want a well-designed bus stop ad that will stop everything in its tracks? Come here first.

Because whether it is ‘new’ media or ‘old’, we can offer you the best, most cost effective and forward thinking advertising concepts that it is possible to find in the UK today.

Don’t believe us? Give us a call or use the ‘contact us’ button on the bottom of this page and see what we can do for you!